Social marketing is based on trust and reach. When agencies looking to market to millennial moms use influencer outreach, they’re essentially leveraging an influencer’s trust and audience to tell their story in a meaningful way.

While Ehm & Co works with a network of hundreds of Canadian influencers in the parent space, our property has been influential in and of itself before the concept of influencers existed. For fourteen years, our grassroots editorial team has been creating compelling daily content posted on relevant YMC platforms, building trust amongst Canadian moms.

It’s that audience, an army of five million Canadian moms and dads who engage with YMC, that makes Ehm & Co a secret weapon for any agency needing to reach moms. Over the years, most of the top Canadian marketing and PR agencies have trusted Ehm & Co to extend the reach and voice of their client’s messaging. Our experience in program management, an expertise in bringing creative concepts to life and a built-in audience of Canadian moms, makes Ehm & Co a one stop shop for agencies.

There is no template for how we collaborate with our agency partners. Sometimes we’re brought in at the beginning to brainstorm concepts and then deliver the program. As example, when COVID hit, Commix asked us to solve their client’s challenge of reaching moms during lockdown in a meaningful way. Together we developed “Life and Lube”, an online late night talk show to inspire and entertain moms. A full social media program and contest was built out around the concept, earning millions of impressions, thousands of opt-ins for the brand and positive brand recognition amongst moms.

Sometimes an agency simply needs to extend the reach of a plan already in process. Weber Shandwick leveraged our extended audience and content skills for their pharma client. Based on their specifications we created a funny, resource filled content campaign that resonated with Canadian moms, exceeding expectations in both reach and engagement.

Over the years, we’re proud to have partnered with top notch Canadian agencies including Proof, Veritas, Harbinger, Citizen, Ogilvie, Porter Novelli, Strategic Objectives, GCI and many others. Each of these agencies approached us with unique requirements, KPI’s and processes. At the end of each customized campaign, they received a comprehensive wrap report summarizing key data.

If you’re looking for a secret weapon to help you connect brands with Canadian moms in the social space, Ehm & Co is ready to partner with you!