Ehm & Co knows Canadian moms. We’ve been creating sponsored stories for moms by moms for hundreds of clients over a decade and a half. Trailblazers in the digital mom landscape, we have niche expertise in helping clients connect with millions of Canadian moms at various stages of motherhood with authentic, compelling and award-winning branded content programs.

A few things to keep in mind when creating branded content:

It should be better than organic content – funnier, more useful, more emotional, more insightful.

It should tell the truth and be authentic to a mom’s lived experience.

It should be more than an advertisement.

Over the years, Canadian moms have given us permission and trust to introduce them to an array of products and services, with the understanding that each piece of content is clearly marked as sponsored. Transparency is key.

Effective branded content is a mix of art and science. We work closely with every client to ensure that the branded content we produce for moms will generate meaningful engagement. Views, likes, comments, clicks and shares are the first step to move the consumer through the all-important sales funnel.  

Creating branded content, interactive storytelling and community building is our jam. Here’s what a sampling of our clients have to say about working on integrated sponsored programs with us.

“For the TELUS Baby Health app campaign, time on page for the articles that were created was very high and the Twitter Chat was an excellent additional tactic built on the already robust program to help drive real-time awareness and engagement – but also downloads and registrations. The team can provide a significant amount of content quickly.”
Jill @ Telus

“I have worked with the Ehm & Co team for over 8 years on 3 different, unique brands.  This team simply put… just gets it. They take the time to really understand the brand’s pains and key objectives and in turn create custom programs that deliver on all objectives.  The ideas are fresh and exciting and they always deliver a positive ROI. When I want to drive awareness for my brand to a strong female audience there is no other company that can provide the platforms to help me deliver my messages in unique and memorable ways.”
Andrea @ K-Y, Live Clean & Elmers

 “Ehm & Co specialized in engaging with the consumer base that my business was looking to reach (moms with school-aged kids). They understood that consumers knew where they were and could help me craft a communication strategy that made the best use of my media dollars. They generated novel ideas and fresh ways of thinking. In the end, they knew how to reach and engage the target consumer effectively, reliably and in an authentic voice that represented my brand properly.”
Mike @ Goody

“The Ehm & Co team really partners with you on a strategic level, providing transparent and candid feedback, expert advice, and creative suggestions at every step. They truly care about your success and the success of your brand.”
Nancy @ Inagene

More client testimonials to come…..