Fact: Great content is a key component to connecting with moms in the social space. Lesser known fact? A strong understanding how to leverage data to create an effective content distribution strategy is critical when connecting with moms and converting those moms into customers. Every online marketing campaign is a mix of art and science.

Here’s what you need to consider before you invest in a marketing to mom content strategy

First, stop waiting for moms to find you. Ten years ago, you could invest in the art of kick butt organic content, post it on your social platforms and your message would find its way to moms online. Today that strategy doesn’t cut it. The social landscape is noisy, moms are overwhelmed with content, and platform algorithms limit the number of eyeballs that will see your stories. In order to cut through the noise, you need to understand the science of of data analytics to ensure your content gets seen by the right moms at the right time on the right platforms.

If you are serious about marketing to Canadian moms, invest in content distribution. Too often brands targeting moms spend their campaign budget mapping out a compelling content strategy without paying equal attention to ensuring they have a solid distribution plan based on data in place.

Understanding how to manage paid social amplification is key to connecting your brand to two key markets. The first is the audience you’ve already built, keeping in mind that even if you have a following of 10,000 moms, only 10% of those moms will ever see your organic content on any given platform. The second market is where you can grow your customer base; it’s a new audience of moms who may never have heard of your brand before.

For guaranteed reach to both target markets you need to double down on your distribution plan. Take the time to analyze each of the platforms that could distribute your content and find the right ones for your target moms. Are you looking to speak to millennial mom or moms of teens? Does your strategy include influencers? How about expert endorsements?

Invest in your content with a paid media strategy. There’s a science between the push and pull of organic and paid reach. When an organic piece of content gains traction online, that’s when you put some money behind it.  Great content gains great attention. When a platform’s algorithm recognizes a piece of content is engaging, relevant and timely, it loosens the throttle.  Pair this with paid social amplification and you will be winning at the marketing to moms’ game.

The Ehm & Co team has a wealth of experience navigating the art and science of social content campaigns and guarantees our clients reach and engagement on any given program. Let’s collaborate.

Photo by Dakota Corbin on Unsplash