Ehm & Co teamed up with non-profit (powered by the United Way), to spread the word about their new initiative focused on showing parents how they can give back to their local community in easy and meaningful ways. A fully integrated two-stage program was created using a mix of on and offline tactics.

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The program included engaging our Influencer network to create blogs and social content. YMC developed a social contest to spread the campaign, there was branded content on the YMC site, influencers at a “kick-off” event and a Facebook Live. To amplify each component of the campaign, we created newsletter inclusions with specific calls to action.

As well as creating and managing the content development, our team worked with our client to support their launch party at the Gladstone Hotel. Ehm & Co invited and managed key influencers and micro-influencers, ensuring each posted on social about the experience.

Ehm & Co Influencer Management

The highlight of the launch party was a YMC FB Live hosted by Erica Ehm who interviewed key individuals behind the initiative.

The reach and engagement for this Toronto-based initiative exceed all expectations with 9.1 million impressions, 18,000 engagements and 366 unique pieces of content created in total. Marketing to Local Moms

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