Sharpie PaperMate: A Case Study in Marketing to Moms

Sharpie and Paper Mate approached Ehm & Co – publisher of YMC – to develop an integrated online campaign with a target market of Canadian millennial moms to drive purchase at a specific retailer (Walmart) and help generate additional sales for the Paper Mate Ink Joy pens and Sharpie markers.

The campaign included YMC branded content, social activity, and a social contest. Simultaneously, we initiated sizeable influencer content creation and micro-influencer testing programs to create social buzz and raise awareness for Sharpie and Paper Mate products amongst the Canadian mom community.

The Sharpie and Paper Mate messaging really resonated with the YMC mom community. Canadian moms were eager to engage and interact with the content in a very authentic and organic manner.

Our campaign cut through the clutter during the back to school and holiday seasons by digging deeper into the consumer motivation and mindset. By capitalizing on the trend of bullet journaling and analog planning, Ehm & Co was able to connect with a niche community of super fans and deliver against the client’s objectives. Overall the campaign generated 5.2mm potential impressions and just under 15,000 contest entries.

You can see the full case study here.

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