Frustrated. Scared. Angry. Worried. Anxious. Exhausted. This what we’re hearing from moms about sending their kids back to school this year.

As marketers and moms, the Ehm & Co team is in constant conversation with parents across the country about how they’re feeling on a day to day basis as they try to make sense of the conflicting news from politicians, medical experts and educators. Moms are fed up.

Based on what we’re seeing in social media and user generated stories submitted to YMC like this one, it’s clear that Canadian moms are divided about how to deal with back to school in the face of COVID. Forced to choose between sending their children to over-crowded classroom in masks or risking their careers and mental health to keep the kids at home, there is no good situation or solution.

At this point, with weeks left until school starts, the only thing we all know for certain about this school year is that nothing is for sure. It’s not surprising that many of our clients are paralyzed, unsure how to advertise to moms who still don’t know if they will be homeschooling or worrying if their kid will come home at lunch with the virus. How do you market to moms without alienating them? Will they need backpacks if they’re staying home? What about a new school wardrobe? The last thing you want is to be tone deaf selling your products and services.

No matter what side of the fence a mother is on these days, we are noticing one important conversation happening in the mom space. It’s about judgement. As women confess their worries and frustrations in private Facebook groups and their Instagram stories, there is a groundswell movement on all social channels amongst moms to stop the judgement and support other moms in their difficult, no-win decision. Moms are seeking out kindness, advice and support during these times but that is not what they are often finding.

As CEO Erica Ehm points out, “We’re noticing the beginnings of a ‘Don’t Judge. Be Kind’ grassroots movement. No matter what decision a mom chooses to make, the one thing she doesn’t need right now is judgement. What she does need is kindness. Acceptance.”

This conversation is the perfect opportunity for a brand to join in and provide a supportive role. According to the Sprout Social Index, 89% percent of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor.

Let us help you get in front of moms with a custom social media activation which could include: Facebook Live conversations, articles, a contest or a Twitter party. We can even send out samples of your product to moms across the country with a note of support from you. Need some inspiration? Here’s a case study of a recent Back-to-School campaign we produced.

Bottom line? This back to school season, be sensitive to the excruciating pressure families are under right now. Be there to help support parents through these trying times. Offer them uplifting positive content and opportunities for them to vent, celebrate their diverse opinions, provide solutions for their new challenging reality, and most importantly, practice empathy and kindness.

And hopefully, when they’re on their path to purchase for back to school supplies, your brand will be right there waiting. Judgement-free.

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash