Target, Engage, and Convert Female Consumers in Canada

We are a digital marketing agency powered by proprietary technology, insight analysis, expertise, and experience to build better and more authentic consumer experiences and online campaigns that resonate with women, allowing your brand or business to effectively engage and convert this key target market.

From full digital campaigns to comprehensive research projects to custom content and analytics, we will help you meet your campaign objectives.

Our Technology

Our proprietary technology helps brands navigate today’s shifting digital landscape. We transform these unique insights into strategy to be executed across appropriate digital media to convert consumers into customers throughout your campaign.

Our Content Studio

Drawing on the vast and varied experience of our editorial teams, we provide multimedia and multi-platform content across a myriad of categories. Our team are master storytellers who produce creative, innovative, and engaging editorial and branded content at speed and scale to match any need.

Our Communities

Every month we reach a highly engaged and loyal audience of over 5 million consumers, and our award-winning properties provide us with real time data and honest insights amongst these Canadian women.

Our Creators

From secret Facebook groups to private Instagram pages, we’ve earned permission to access places in dark social that few brands are allowed to occupy. We tap into our network of 600+ influencers and content creators to support every brand we partner with, and the combination of our influencers and micro-influencers with targeted amplification strategies enhances any campaign.

Who We Work With

We are proudly Canadian and have worked with respected major brands across all verticals.

Insights & Research

As thought leaders in the digital space, we are leading the charge on how to influence and market to Canadian women.

Let's work together

Send us a note and we will be in touch soon.